What is Emotional Self Care?

What is Emotional Self Care?

A lot of the times we hear about self care, and when we do, it’s also talked about as something to do when you’re happy and it’ll keep you happy for a while.


We take care of ourselves so we remain stable.


I don’t disagree with this.


I think self care is something we should embrace regardless of what emotional state we’re in.


We shouldn’t only want to take care of ourselves when we’re in a good mood and when the sun is shining bright outside.


We want happiness.


We want light and love.


We want to feel weightless and carefree.


We never want to feel bad, upset, or even worse, depressed.


However, just because we don’t want to feel those emotions doesn’t mean we won’t ever feel them. In fact, hiding in light and love is more damaging than honoring each and every emotion simply because when you won’t know how to handle yourself when you are in a negative mood or time period.


That’s why the biggest emotional self care tip we have, is to feel whatever it is you’re going to feel.


Don’t drown yourself in happiness.


Don’t pretend the world is only sunshine and rainbows.


Sometimes, it storms and when it does it storms hard and it storms for months.


It’s rough, and I won’t pretend that those are fun emotions to endure, but we have to.


Emotional duality is something that we’re fortunate to have.


We need the darker days so we can appreciate the light, and we need the light so we can keep our faith that things get better. We need both.


Emotional self care is honoring the full spectrum of your emotions. It’s acknowledging the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly.


That is the greatest form of self care you will ever be able to give yourself.


So, next time you’re sad or upset that something didn’t go your way, don’t push your emotions aside.


Don’t smother the different emotions you have, no matter how much it may hurt.


This is not a reason to act out in negative, toxic, or damaging behavior. This is not a reason to self sabotage.


Instead this is the time to journal, to feel, to embrace what it is that makes us so human.


No one wants to be sad, but when sadness hits us it hits us for a reason.


Think about that.


Process it.


Above, don’t feel afraid to feel.


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