Need to learn how to use iMovie without pulling your hair out?

Welcome to my iMovie Walkthrough Tutorial Workshop (that's a mouthful).

Long story short, I'll be walking you through using iMovie, to make a video from start to finish over zoom. You'll learn the essentials, the short cuts, and how to make something that you're proud of.

All you'll need is your own footage, a track of music, and a notepad to take some notes and you'll be making movie making magic (10+ points to slytherin for illiteration).

The cost? 

Whatever you can part with and your email.

Whether that's $5, or $50, whatever you can comfortably give will get you into this workshop. You'll get the link to the zoom room Thursday night before the workshop.

The next workshop is Thursday March 14, 2018 at 1:30 PM EST.

You will receive access to the class the night before in an email sent to the email you provide below!

See you there!

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