Short stories

"Last Young Renegade"

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"Wind Chimes"

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long poems / spoken words

"This Goes to You."

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"Curly Hair Sisters"

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"I Think I Know"

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"Care About Me"

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short poems 


"Where do you want me to go?"

you must make up your mind

you can't ask me to  s t a y

but beg for me to     l e a v e

at the same time.

"I Shouldn't Feel This Way"

if we are so close

    why is it I still feel so alone

even when you are right





"Don't let the tulle skirt fool you."

some days i'm the petal.


some days i'm the thorn.


both days I am still the flower.

"Please stop fronting."

the person I know you could be

is at war with the person you are

and i'm scared that if i don't fight for you

you never




sometimes i don't know if i want to escape my tower

feel the grass under my feet

knowing the unknown can be

h o m e

or stay safe.


stay in my tower so the unknown can never ever get to me.

"Liar liar pants for hire"

you had never lied to me

so why was it i thought you were

when you showed you didn't care?




"nike makes it sound easy."

"just do it. use that emotional distress and pain as fuel to your creative fire. this is in your tool belt now. utilize it."

what if i told you

that sometimes

this feeling doesn't


i can't just get up

and use this energy

to c r e a t e

because there was no energy


begin with.

"well, this is uncomfortable."

a wet sock.

my depression is like a wet sock.

not soaking wet.

not dripping.

no, my depression is like

one small circular area of space in the small of your foot,

that you don't feel when you're not walking.

maybe for a second you forget it's there.

you feel dry,

s e c u r e.

maybe it's gone.

But then you walk, and you go



"Hide and Seek"

How strange

To be so transparent

And so





"Find Someone Else to be Your Muse."

never again will I light my limbs on fire

to light up your night time sky

never again will I shed my clothes

to keep you warm

never again will I strip myself

to make you feel more whole.


"You Made Me This Way"

The worst villains

are the ones the hero creates

Because unlike the dragon who can only spit flames

Or the warlock who curses because he knows no other way

They know better.

But they don’t care.


How far must you have pushed them

For them to be this way?


Two fingers

Three toes

My left cheek

A clump of hair

One lung

And a kidney

Both knee caps

My bad shoulder too

How much of myself

Must I continually give to you?


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"Can I be honest? I'm really good at being bad. Not in the usual colloquial sense of I'm good at being a bad girl and drinking and smoking or whatever it is masse media has made you think of. No, I mean I fail and I fail a lot. I take these impulsive leaps that have a tendency to blow up in my face every damn time. I've trusted the wrong people, have gone down several wrong career paths, and forgot to take care of my mental health in the process. Yeah, I suck at a lot of things, but that's also pretty awesome. Every wrong path-- the boy I thought I loved, the city I thought would be my home, the person I should have never trusted, got me to where I am now and that's a pretty magical place. So yeah, I'm successfully unsuccessful. Sometimes you have to make a mess to make something beautiful.

Photo courtesy of Joe Siciliano